Virtual/Distanced Sales

I’m fascinated by how individuals and teams can leverage technology and adjust their meeting content and duration to maximize their virtual/distanced meetings. I also believe that with the proper strategies and specific language, we can increase the percentage of video-based meetings.

At the end of our time, attendees will:

  • Understand the power of video
  • Have the tools to set-up their meetings:
    • Lighting
    • Camera Positioning
    • Audio
  • Have tools to land an increased percentage of virtual meetings
  • Understand how to construct a virtual agenda
  • Have tips for virtual workshop/seminars (as required)

Many speakers can motivate.  Some can entertain.  Few deliver definitive ideas to take to your next meeting. Keith delivers on all three counts.   I would highly recommend you partner with Keith. He can open markets and assist in growing your revenue.”

Chris DiSalle, EVP, CMO – Hub Financial (former)