Critical Illness Sales Development

My focus is on field-tested strategies and specific sales language for all stages of the CI discussion.  I have researched how top Advisors are having success and I work with companies of all sizes in helping them tailor their messaging so consumers understand the tremendous value this product can bring.

My programs can be tailored and scaled to your unique organization to include:

  • Written CI training materials focusing on tactics and sales scripting for the CI conversation/sale
  • A modular video training program on CI positioning and sales strategies
  • PowerPoint training tools including slides and speaker notes
  • Client-facing product and marketing development

My programs have consistently met two key organization goals of increased CI sales and reduced CI training expenses.

“I can clearly state that I have not seen anyone in Canada or the United States that can deliver vital living benefit information in his sales oriented, client focused and witty manner.  Keith has the combination of his own experience and that of hundreds of planners he has interviewed in the areas of DI, CI and LTC.  This research allows him to get to the root of what moves a client to action around these products. 

Many speakers can motivate.  Some can entertain.  Few deliver definitive ideas to take to your next client meeting and turn a prospect into a client.  Keith delivers on all three counts.  Keith is a frequent presenter/trainer at our agency functions for one simple reason.  RESULTS.  I would highly recommend you partner with Keith. He can open markets and assist in growing your revenue.”

Chris DiSalle, EVP, CMO – Hub Financial